Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Construction Update: Renton La Fortuna - May

Women Build was a success! Today saw 53 volunteers sign in over the course of the day; there were also our 10 CVLs, 4 office AC, 5 staff, Dwight Martin, and former ACs Marla, Josh, Sarah and Asa. That is about 80 people at lunch...
  • Unit #1 sheetrock is hung, #2 is started and #3 not being worked on.
  • Unit #4, 5, and 6 are taped and the PVA primer is started should be finished on Tuesday and texture afterwards.
  • Exterior paint is continuing with second coats front and back. 

  • Exterior plywood infill, nailing, and straps are nearly ready for inspection.
  • Stairwell center walls are all built.
  • Unit "a" made some good progress under Dwight's lead and with Lutheran volunteers. Interior walls are built and most are stood.
  • Unit "c" and "e" interior walls built, stood and tie plated.
  • Unit "b" and "d" interior walls started.

We worked on weeding the mulch rings around the plantings today. Much more weeding , mowing and watering is in the future.
Work next week will include; wall framing, interior priming, exterior painting, and weeding

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