Monday, January 31, 2011

Construction Update January 31, 2011

Magnolia Village, Issaquah Highlands
Good progress continued at the site this week:

Building 3
  • Several more windows were installed, only 6 to go!
  • White wood trim was installed for the lower siding fields on the back, gable ends and portions of the front.
  • Plumbing rough-in passed inspection.
  • Siding pre-painting was started.

Building 4
  • Siding on the back of the building is 99% complete.
  • Siding on the gable ends are at and near the start of the roof.
  • Several siding fields in the front prepped and ready for Hardie plank.
  • Front doors were installed.
  • Plumbing rough-in is about 90% complete for 4B and 75% for 4A.
  • Painting on the back was started. First coat on siding, eaves, facia.
  • Installed one of the siding fields on the main roof.
  • Continued siding pre-painting.

This week: We are trying to complete the painting on the back of Building 4. Siding work will continue on the gables and should start on the front of Building 4. We should be able to remove some of the scaffolding from Building 4 and move it to Building 3. The focus on Building 3 will continue to be window installation and front doors. Hardie siding could also start. Prep work for HVAC installation will begin this week or the following.

La Fortuna, Renton 
We installed the electrical conduits and passed our inspections this week. We also passed 4 units of plumbing underground and installed the other 2. Today we installed the 2x10 treated sub-sill in the entryways of 3 units and the entryway slab will pour up against this and foam insulation, separating the floor from contact with unheated foundation walls.

The office trailer is completely up and running with heat, lights, DSL, computer, phone, fax, refrigerator, microwaves, etc.

This week: Work will include downspout drains, foam board insulation, site work and (maybe) framing.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Family Info Meetings - April 2011

If you are interested in applying for Habitat for Humanity EKC's homeownership program, you must attend a Family Information Meeting to learn more about the criteria and pickup an application packet. Family Information Meetings are typically scheduled twice per year and are held at libraries and other public venues around East King County.
Family Information Meetings will be held in April 2011 and will be posted on our web site. If you have questions about the homeownership program, please contact Emily Fortman, Director of Family Services, at 425-869-6007, ext. 237, or e-mail

Monday, January 24, 2011

Cambodia Global Village Trip Now Open

Emily Fortman, Director of Family Services and Kathy Davis, Bookkeeper, will be leading 12 adventurers on a Global Village trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia from June 10-18, 2011.  Global Village trips consist of construction side by side with the families for whom you will be building a home, in addition to authentic Cambodian meals and some cultural activities in nearby areas.  This is truly a chance to immerse yourself in the Cambodian culture and see a different side of Habitat.

The trip cost will be about $1,310 and will include accommodations, on-ground transportation, meals, drinking water, cultural experiences, travel medical insurance, and a donation to the Cambodian affiliate. Airfare is not included in price and currently running about $1,500 from Seattle.

For more information, please contact Emily Fortman at or by phone at 425-869-6007.  Space is limited, so please make your reservations as soon as possible!

Construction Update January 24, 2011

La Fortuna, Renton
Back fill has been completed across the entire back of the building.  We spread straw today in an attempt to help stabilize the ground. Steve will start bringing in structural fill for the garages and gravel for the driveway areas next week. Most of Unit 1 was insulated for back fill. 

Downspout drains were started today and are about 50% complete. Plumbing waste lines are in Units 2 & 3 and 90% complete in Unit 1. We are hoping to have the plumbing underground installed and inspected by the end of next week. As soon as the plumbing can be back filled we will start the electrical conduits. Once we have an electrical permit, the conduit installed, and our inspections we can finish back filling the garages and get ready for the slabs to be poured.

Site work performed this week was quite varied and included erosion control tasks, back filling the office trailer's power and telephone trench, removal of invasive plants from the wet lands, completion of the recycling dumpster, and the start of a shed for the volunteer tool box and safety glasses.

Work next week will include the all staff build, spreading top soil and planting native plants in the wet lands, plumbing underground, downspout drains, foundation insulation, some specialized mud sills around the entryways, site work, and electrical conduits.

Magnolia Village, Issaquah
The focus of this shortened week was on building 4. We did manage to get a few more windows in on building 3.

Building 4: Hardie plank siding in the back of the building is about 95% complete.  Started caulking siding and continued exterior spackle.  Hardie plank siding on the north and south ends are both at about 40% complete.
Next week siding will continue on building 4, paint prep work and if the weather cooperates some painting. Siding will also begin on the roof of building 4. We should be close to removing the scaffolding on the back of building 4 and moving it to building 3.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Build Your Shed on Solid Ground

On the 25th anniversary of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. federal holiday, Habitat for Humanity of East King County AmeriCorps members teamed up with the Habitat Seattle/South King County AmeriCorps to volunteer their time and skills on a community project. The twenty AmeriCorps members partnered with Solid Ground's Lettuce Link Program in Seattle. Lettuce Link is an innovative food and gardening program that creates access to fresh, nutritious and organic produce, seeds, and gardening information for low-income families in Seattle. They work to educate the community about food security and sustainable food production.

As an individual who has operated a food bank in the past and worked on food security and nutrition with lower-income and ethnically diverse communities in the Seattle area, I was thrilled about the program and how it gives residents agency in growing a healthier community! Our countribution to support their newest community garden project was to build a tool shed. Solid Ground supplied the plans for the shed while we procured most of the materials through donations. On MLK Day, part of the AmeriCorps team worked on the shed while others helped with tasks for the farm such as building drainage ditches, creating garden paths, and removing invasive plants. We had a great time working with the folks from Solid Ground and were glad to contribute toward their goal of making the Seattle Community Farm a working farm by spring 2011. Building a shed is no simple task, so the construction experience of AmeriCorps CVLs was certainly invaluable!

The effects of the farm will be far-reaching; produce grown there will stay in the immediate vicinity for Rainier Vista neighborhood residents and it will be used by the Rainier Valley Food Bank and Teen and Childcare Programs. It was an honor to be part of the partnership between Habitat for Humanity and Solid Ground's Lettuce Link program--it illuminated how vital collaboration is in community building and how passion-sharing is essential in building Dr. King's Beloved Community. AmeriCorps members and staff persons from both teams were able to share their diverse skills, ideas, passions, and resources to work toward a unified goal. From this collaboration I was reminded that to serve not only means to give of yourself and your time, but to accept the gift of self and time from others and use those two things for the greater vision.

Thanks to all those involved in organizing this event. Thanks to the two staff members, Andy Varyu and Mike Hammerquist, for working on your day off—an extra thank you to Mike for lending your construction expertise!

Check out the Lettuce Link blog about their take on the service day!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Construction Update January 18, 2011

La Fortuna
The first full week at La Fortuna in Renton went well. The office trailer arrived from Issaquah and we reinstalled the stairs and landings on Tuesday. Wednesday we leveled and set up the office trailer and organized the TEX container to be ready for the volunteer group scheduled for Thursday.

Thursday the Cheesecake Factory brought 13 volunteers who worked on installing footing drains, trenching for office power and telephone, setting up the kiosks, and erosion control. The staff worked with Master Electrician, Curt Hedges to build the power pole for the trailer and get it installed. Over all a definite success.

Friday, staff worked with the Americorps to install the conduit for the trailer power and telephone. Curt came out and I pulled the wires through the conduits and made the connections. The trailer power is ready for inspection on Tuesday. Connection will be scheduled after we pass the inspection and usually takes about 5 working days. 

Saturday, a group from the UW Habitat for Humanity club and some homeowners came out to volunteer. We worked on the footing drains, garbage and recycling dumpsters, securing the plastic cover on the dirt mountain with twine and sand bags, and rearranging the building site fences so Steve has room to back fill the foundation. 

Work next week will include; footing drains, plumbing underground, erosion control, site work (organizing, finishing the recycling dumpster, painting signs, filling in the power trench, etc), plus,  maybe downspout drains and electrical conduits.

Magnolia Village
Good progress this week at the site. On Tuesday, the large office trailer was moved to Renton and phone service was reconnected to the smaller trailer that is staying at the Highlands. We now have power and internet in Issaquah. Friday was utilized to help get the reorganized after the move. The rest of the progress is below:

Unit 3:
Continued installing window flashing and windows.
Started white wood around the garage door openings.
Plumbing rough-in is complete and ready for testing. 
Ordered exterior doors.

Unit 4:
Continued with white wood trim installation, trim is essentially complete on the first two siding levels on the sides and back of the building.
Started hardie plank siding. Complete in the back up to the start of the upper floor. Also started hardie plank on the north and south sides.
Continued with exterior spackling.
Plumbing rough-in is 50% complete. Water lines should begin next week.
Installed electrical meter bases.
Ordered exterior doors.

Work next week will include: siding on the north, south and west sides of building 4. House wrap and window installation will continue on building 3. We may also begin pre-painting some of the siding product.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


The City of Sammamish in a collective effort partners with local non-profits The Rotary Club of Sammamish, Sammamish Kiwanis, Faith in Action and Habitat for Humanity of East King County in a community ground breaking effort to offer one time assistance to Sammamish residents who need help in maintaining their property or home.

SAMMAMISH, January 1, 2011 – Today, the City of Sammamish, Rotary Club of Sammamish, Sammamish Kiwanis, Faith in Action and Habitat for Humanity of East King County, is pleased to announce the new local “Sammamish Cares” program.  The purpose of the new “Sammamish Cares” Program , is to help Sammamish residents in need.

“Sammamish Cares” can help with simple, one time repairs that are a necessity for the homeowner when the homeowner is unable to make the repairs due to a lack of funds and/or physical or mental incapacity.  Projects such as yard maintenance and simple repairs would fall under the “Sammamish Cares” program.  More complex repairs may be referred to Habitat for Humanity and their “Brush with Kindness” program.  Projects for homeowners over the age of 60 will be reviewed by the organization, Faith in Action, for implementation.  Depending on the scope of the project, homeowners may be asked to cover some of the costs if they are able to.  This new Sammamish community program is unable to help with ongoing maintenance or projects which require skills above the skill set of the volunteers.

HOW TO ASK FOR HELP OR VOLUNTEER TO HELP:  Contact Dawn  Sanders, City of Sammamish Volunteer Coordinator, at 425.295.0556,, for referral into the program or for the “Sammamish Cares” brochure.  Dawn Sanders will then fill out a short Application of Need which will then be forwarded to the “Sammamish Cares” Operations Committee for monthly review.   Emergency repairs will be handled on a case by case basis.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Construction Update January 3, 2011

La Fortuna, Renton
The foundation contractor will be pouring the walls on Monday or Tuesday and will need several days to remove the form boards. When they are done we will put in the footing and downspout drains, then backfill. After the backfill we will trench out for electrical conduits, sewer lines and water.

Volunteer days start on 12 January.

Work the week of Janury 3-7, 2011: footing drains and site work.

Magnolia Village, Issaquah Highlands
Even with snow and freezing weather, we made progress this week. In the mornings we use a propane torch to thaw out the locks and put out ice melt on the worst patches. One day we shoveled snow off the scaffolding so we could put up housewrap. The roofing is completed on Unit 4, but got postponed on Unit 3 because of the snow. We are building more scaffolding because we can get planks without ice from the stack. Sometimes we have to use the torch to thaw the moving parts on the scaffold frames. Last Thursday we put the sheetrock in the attic on the party wall gable truss (a 3 person job) with 8 volunteers and 2 Americorps. Unit 3 will have a shearwall reinspection on Tuesday and we can start housewrap on Wednesday. Siding is ordered for delivery next week. 

Work the week of January 3-7, 2011 will include: housewrap, windows, sheetrock in the attic, trim boards, and siding.