Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Construction Update- December

La Fortuna, Renton

December 17th, 2011

This morning we had 3 Americorps CVLs call in sick and 1 more on vacation. Kristina and I both took work crews and Marla just happened to be coming out and led another crew, plus 2 family members worked on a project they had started last week without further supervision. Jahna also helped when she wasn't doing volunteer hospitality things. 22 of the 15 vols scheduled showed up making it rather exciting.


Siding continues with Hardi- panel on the 3rd floor and over the low roofs in the back. We are nearing the time when we will need to tear down the scaffolding in the rear and move it out front to work there.

Electrical is still waiting for journeymen to come out. Jahna has a contact who might be available to help out.


All of the stairs are in. Unit "e" has all of the exterior walls are up and the partywalls are framed, sheeted, and fire rocked. Unit "b" has 1 partywall ready to stand and all of the front and back walls up.
Work next week will include; framing, siding, and maybe painting?

December 10th, 2011
What a week! We were inundated with tools after the news stories on the radio and KOMO- TV. The response was amazing.


Siding continues with panel on the third floor in the back and some plank on the north end and front. The belly band at the third floor has been completed, encircling the entire building. With this belly band finished we can now complete the last of the window trim on the third floor.

We failed gas piping inspection in 2 units and still haven't had a fire sprinkler inspection.

The journeymen electricians didn't make it in this week, so the electrical rough- in has not progressed.


We had another Microsoft house day and got the partywall closed up, Strong- Walls installed. Asa and Josh came out on Saturday and framed a couple of walls on the ADA.

We finished floor framing on "b", guardrails,  sheeted the floor, started walls and put in the stairs. "E" has three walls up and another long wall started. "D" has one partywall framed, sheeted, fire rocked and 1/2 stood. "C" has some plates cut and ready to start framing.
Work next week will include; wall framing, siding/trim, electrical rough- in (depending on journeyman availability), framing punchlist, and draft blocking.

December 3rd, 2011


Siding continues with siding across the front at ground level and on the north end on the second floor. Trim has started on the third floor on the front.

HVAC is complete and passed the duct blaster test and is scheduled for inspection.

Wiring is 99% in unit 6 and started in unit 5. We currently have 2 journeymen committed to Wednesdays and 1 apprentice who is working at IH when we don't have supervision. We are going to reach out to the Geek Squad team that came out last summer to work on the low voltage.


Framing continues with 3 units sub- floor completed and another has the floor joists and beams in and blocking started.

Kip put in the temporary steps at the front doors of all 4 units. LF7e has a complete set of stairs to the 2nd floor, "d" has the stringers cut and rready to install, "c" has the landing completed and ready for stairs to begin, and "b" has the landing started.

The ADA unit was started by a Microsoft group on Wednesday and the partywall is framed and sheeting started. There is another group coming next week to continue framing.

Work next week will include; wall framing, floor sheeting, siding and trim, electrical rough- in, and framing punchlist.

Issaquah Highlands

December 17th, 2011

This week we had a series of inspections. The electrical, communications wiring and framing all passed. Insulation started in the garages with the ceilings and party wall. OSB was also installed on the party wall. We continued sealing the building with foam and caulking as we look for ways to improve our air leakage. Sheet rock was stocked in the building. Next week the ceilings will be installed and more foaming will be done in the attic. After the holidays we will be testing the building for air leakage and then proceeding with insulation and sheet rock.

On the exterior we shifted and removed some scaffolding. Decent weather allowed us to have several paint crews on Saturday. The south side of the building is now finished.

Next week Marc will begin trenching for utilities on the south end, removing additional scaffolding and continue with the foaming.
December 10th, 2011

The mechanicals for building 5 are complete. HVAC passed inspection and the Energy Star duct testing. The electrical and communication wire was finished on Friday and will be inspected early next week.

Siding for the building is complete except for an area over the main roof. A lot of effort went into caulking and foaming areas inside the units to help seal the building against air leakage. We also worked on punchlist items to get the building ready for framing inspection next week.

Next week we will continue with air sealing, insulating and closing up the party wall and hopefully be able to start insulation in the garages and some other areas of the building.

December 3rd, 2011

Good progress over the last week and a half in Issaquah.

On the exterior we've been continuing with siding, exterior paint prep and even a small amount of exterior paint. There are only two areas left to be sided, a portion of the front gable and a small field over the main roof. The soffits in the back were installed and the porch ceiling on 5A was insulated and installed.

On the inside we the plumbing system passed inspection, as did the gas piping. The HVAC contractor decided to change the design of the main duct system. They were nearly complete and have been removing and replacing duct work. Hopefully they will finish by the middle of next week and we will be able to have the system inspected and tested. Electrical rough-in started just before Thanksgiving and continued all of this week. 5B is about 90% complete and 5A is at 75% completion. We also started installing boxes, drilling and running conduit for the phone, cable and internet wiring. On Saturday, volunteers started sweeping out the units and caulking sill plates to better seal up the homes.

Next week we will continue with siding, wiring and exterior paint.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bringing Hope to Haiti

Our Executive Director, Tom Granger, led a group of courageous and kind hearted volunteers to Haiti for the Jimmy Carter Work project on Nov. 5-12, 2011.
At the end of the 28th Carter Work Project, 100 safe, decent new homes now stand in the Santo community in Léogâne, the epicenter of the January 2010 earthquake.
Habitat for Humanity has become a significant force in Haiti and plans to build 500 homes by the end of 2012. “Habitat for Humanity has made a five-year commitment to serve 50,000 Haitian families, and the Carter Work Project will help us to build homes and raise awareness to meet that goal,” said Jonathan Reckford, CEO of Habitat for Humanity International.
These new houses provided more than just a safer place for families to lay their head at night, they provide hope for a brighter future.

Read about Carol and Ray Dellecker's personal experience volunteering at this year's Jimmy and Rosalyn Work Project in Haiti. 

Click here to read their story.

It’s a Wonderful Life at Habitat for Humanity as the Community Rallies Together to Replace Stolen Tools

Renton, WA. December 12, 2011– Habitat for Humanity of East King County has received an overwhelming amount of support from the community after news spread that thieves stole nearly $4,000 worth of tools from their La Fortuna, Renton construction site.

“It’s like the final scene from It’s a Wonderful Life,” said Tom Granger, Executive Director of Habitat EKC.  “Thanks to the community’s generosity we will be able to replace all the tools that were stolen and we will put in a security system to make sure this doesn't happen again,"

Longtime supporters, new contributors and even corporate sponsors responded to the unfortunate incident by donating over $15,000 worth of cash and $4,000 worth of tools to help Habitat get back to building. Bank of America sent in a check for $4,000 and The Mosaic Company hand delivered a $4,000 check upon learning the news.

The Bank of America Charitable Foundation is one of the largest corporate donors on the La Fortuna Project, and their employees have volunteered more than 1,200 hours onsite this year.

 “We are deeply committed to La Fortuna and Habitat’s work in our community, and when we learned of the theft, we knew we had to respond quickly to ensure that the expectant home owners weren’t faced with uncertainly and that everyone could resume construction as quickly as possible.” said Bob Peters, Washington State president for Bank of America.

Other corporate donors include Complete Concrete, PCL Construction, Genie Industries and Schnitzer Steel.

“We are incredibly blessed by a very generous community who support the Habitat for Humanity mission and are eager and willing to help us when we need them,” said Granger.

Below is the link to KOMO's news story:

KOMO's follow-up story can be viewed at:

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thieves Steal from our La Fortuna, Renton Site

Thieves Steal Tools from Habitat for Humanity Construction Site

Renton, WA. December 7, 2011– Habitat for Humanity of East King County reported another burglary at their La Fortuna construction site located in the Cascade neighborhood of Renton last week.

“Thieves came prepared this time,” said Mike Hammerquist, Renton Site Supervisor for Habitat EKC. They entered the property by cutting the padlock on the gate and then drilled through the lock on the storage container.

Missing were three circular saws, four coil siding nail guns, two framing nail guns, a drill, a reciprocating saw, a jig saw, an angle grinder, several heavy-duty power cords, and spools of copper wire, all of which is valued at nearly $4,000.

“It has taken several years to build up our tool supply,” said Kristina Struve, Assistant Site Supervisor for Habitat EKC. “This is a big hit to productivity since we are currently installing siding on one of our buildings and now have to nail it up by hand.  We also now have a shortage of power cords, which makes it difficult to run the site efficiently.”

It may not seem like a lot, but to Habitat staff, volunteers and homeowners, having these tools available on a regular basis make it possible for Habitat to continue with their building schedule.  Executive Director Tom Granger commented, “We really don’t expect to be the target of theft based on the work we are doing in the community.  Since this is the second incident this year, it looks like we will need a security system in addition to replacing the tools.  That could be another $4,000 or more.  It is a shame to have to divert those funds from the building program.”

Habitat staff is scrambling to replace the needed tools to keep construction moving along on the two multi-family buildings under construction at this site in Renton, called La Fortuna.  One Habitat for Humanity homeowner responded by bringing in a few tools she had and donating them so volunteers could continue working.

Almost 100 community volunteers, AmeriCorps members and families earning sweat equity work on this jobsite every week.

Habitat EKC has inventoried their tools and filed an incident report with the Renton Police Department.  They are hoping whoever took the tools will return them so they can continue to use their funds to build affordable homes .

More About Habitat for Humanity International: Habitat for Humanity surpassed its 500,000 house milestone during its most recent fiscal year. Since the nonprofit was founded in 1976, its self-help, hand-up model has resulted in rehabbed, repaired or new housing for more than 2 million people worldwide. Habitat EKC is part of this global effort.

Since 1988, Habitat EKC has built 111 new homes and rehabbed or repaired other houses for low income families in our community. The East King County service area incorporates the regions east of Lake Washington.  The goal of this affiliate is to make it possible for low-income residents of King County to be able to purchase simple, decent, and affordable homes on the Eastside. The families who will move into these homes will put in 500 hours of their own labor as a down payment towards homeownership. Visit habitatekc.org to learn more.

Media Contact: Gena Guillen, Special Events and Communications Officer
email: gena@habitatekc.org or call 425.869.6007

Monday, November 21, 2011

Construction Update- November

La Fortuna, Renton:


The entire building is officially "dried in" (all windows, doors and housewrap on) and we passed the final moisture envelope inspection. Dave Buck commented the work was very good quality and the system we use is better than most normal construction he sees. All garages are pre- rocked for garage door installation which is scheduled for the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Siding is complete to the top floor across the entire back and belly bands, window trim, and corners are complete on both ends and the back.  Hardi panel started on the third floor and siding and trim started on all sides of the building.

Fire sprinkler contractor should finish up this week and be ready for inspection before the Thanksgiving break.

John helped set exhaust fans in three units for the HVAC sub to connect the ducts.  HVAC contractor is in the last unit and should finish up on Monday. Inspections will start on Tuesday. We have begun soffiting and boxing heat ducts in 2 units.

Electrical volunteers are scheduled for Tuesday to start rough in.


With the help of Bank of America, we got the party walls up and sheeted,  and we set the back corner for the entry way walls. 

The experienced crews from GLY and PCL helped finish the floor framing in 7e, start and finish the floor joist and beams in 7d, and start the floor joist in 7c. They also helped finish wall framing in all but 7a and sheeting to 95% and fire rock 90%

Floor joists have been completed in 3 units and layout is finished and ready for beams and joists in a 4th.

Guardrails were started in LF7e and will be completed before sub- floor is started.

Stair landings are in 3 units and the lower set of stairs in LF7d has been cut and is ready to install.

Interior sheerwalls are complete in 3 units and started in a 4th.

Work for this week:
Siding and trim, caulking, painting (weather dependent), floor joists, stairs and landings, guardrails, and maybe sub- floor.

Issaquah Highlands:
Progress continues to be steady with the siding installation. We are now complete in the back, south gable end and the north gable only has a few pieces left. Completed areas under the porch and several gables in the front are now started and one is finished. We were able to start the final coat of exterior paint on the south gable and the back of the building.
On the inside, the plumbing is complete and was tested. There is one minor correction that will be made on Tuesday. Insulation and sheet rock was installed in the garages in preparation for the HVAC installation, which is about 95% complete and should be finished early next week.
 Work for this week:
We will continue siding and start building soffits around the plumbing and duct work on the inside of the building.

Another AmeriCorps group, City Year, came out to both of our sites last Friday!  They were a fun, enthusiastic group and worked hard in the cold.  Here they are pictured in front of the Issaquah Highlands site! 

Construction Update- October

October Updates:

La Fortuna, Renton

The Build-a-thon went off without a hitch—thanks to the volunteers, we got a lot done!  Work for Build-a-thon included: framing, painting, housewrap, and windows.
The new homeowners had a construction orientation, there were 11 family members at the orientation and it was good to meet them. Some began their hours that same afternoon, the rest the following week.  The AmeriCorps were in Yakima for SERVES, but work continued steadily with our faithful volunteers. 

Housewrap is completed, windows are in.  

Siding and trim are continuing on the back and south end.  Pre- painting continued.

NorTech has laid out and drilled the entire building and had pipe and fittings delivered. The will start fitting pipe on Monday and might be done next week. The fire room roof was completed and pre- rock installed.

Passed plumbing inspection in all 6 units on Tuesday. Fire room is complete and ready for roofing.
 Fire sprinkler installation at about 75%.

We had All Weather deck and Rail come out this week and train me and Kristina in the proper installation of their waterproof deck membrane.   All of the waterproof decks have been glued and trimmed with All Weather Deck and Rail scheduled to come weld the corners on Monday.

The mechanical permit was pulled and we are ready for Bob's to come back and continue the HVAC rough in.  HVAC is scheduled to start on Tuesday and we expect them to take several days per unit to complete their work.  The holes they cut in the roof 2 weeks ago causes continual flooding on rainy days.

Electrical should be ready to start the 2nd week of November in a couple of units.

Multiple corners are set for string height and ready to measure then build.

More walls were framed and sheeting was started. We will begin getting party wall inspections next week. 2nd floor materials were delivered and floor framing will start next week.

Framing continued with wall sheeting, fire rock and floor beams.

We passed the inspection and closed up the partywall between units D and E. The other 2 partywalls were inspected and passed for sheer nailing and fire rock begun. The back wall of C and D were framed and are ready for sheeting.

Unit e had the walls straightened and braced and is ready for floor joists.

Unit d had all of its wall sheeting installed.

Unit c had its back wall framed, plumbed and braced for wall sheeting to begin.

Site work and Wetlands-

The site has been straightened out and a load of wood recycle was hauled, a dump load was sent, weeds pulled, grass mowed, and straw spread.

We had an inspection of our wetlands and there was multiple plantings that didn't take root and they will recommend different plants to replace the dead ones. They said we were doing well and are way better than the common failure rate. We have a few new weeds to work on, including reed canary grass and morning glory vine, plus the usual blackberry bushes.

We pulled a lot of reed canary grass and cut down a lot of blackberry vines. We also weeded the mulch rings and cleaned the catch basin filters.

Issaquah Highlands
We continued to run smaller crews in Issaquah while Build-a-thon was happening in Renton. We were able to complete the majority of the truss bracing and sheet rock backing on the top floors.

The HVAC contractor marked out a plan, but installation will be a few weeks away.

The roofing installation was started and is about 85% complete.

We continued installing windows and getting the house wrap to the roof line. Siding installation is coming along nicely. Hardie plank siding is mostly complete on the garage and main floor level on the north, south and west sides of the building. White wood continued to be added around windows and the upper belly band has started on the back of the building. We also did quite a bit of nail setting and spackle and started caulking the hardie plank. One front door is now installed. The other door is on back order.  The eaves on the back and south side were primed.
On the inside of the building plumbing rough-in has started. The waste and vent is complete on 5B and water lines are about 75%.
Most of the ABS is complete in the B unit and drilling has started on the A unit. The areas behind the bath tubs were insulated and pre-rocked.
Our volunteers from Pacific Medical Centers posed with our tractor at lunchtime in Issaquah Highlands!

 A Brush With Kindness:
In October, Mike, Kristen, Jordan and Liz worked at one of our A Brush With Kindness houses in Sammamish. They trenched and installed two downspout drain lines. We will be returning to the project over the next couple of weeks to complete some facia repair and gutter installation.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cut-a-Thon Fundraiser with Sola Salon Studio's

In need of a new hairdo? and want to give back to your community?

If so, be sure to join us on November 20th at Sola Salon Studio's for their Cut-a-Thon fundraiser to benefit Habitat EKC!
When: Sunday, November 20th, from 1 - 4 pm
Where: Sola Salon, 909 112th Ave NE, Ste. 105, Bellevue, WA 98004
What: Eight stylists will donate their time to provide haircuts to children, men and women with a suggested donation of $15 for children, $20 for men and $25 for women. Additional donations will be accepted.
Why: All proceeds will go toward Habitat's affordable home building program, serving hard working, low-income families in our community.
How: Call the Hair Cut hotline at (425) 641-5713 or email solastylistbellevue@hotmail.com to book an appointment.

More information:
The stylists donating their time are Elena Basmova, Joanie Lindquist, Ryanne Gokey, Lisa Clarno, Tricia Yaap, Tatiana Diamond, Bonnie Marcoe and Angela Schoonover. Unite hair care is providing all their backbar.

Not only will participants get a fabulous new hair cut, but they will also receive gifts generously donated from pure barre and Unite hair care.

Special thanks to Angela Schoonover for organizaing this fun event

Christmas Tree Silent Auction and Raffle at our Habitat Store

Need a Christmas Tree?

Habitat for Humanity’s new store in Bellevue WA, will be raffling off custom Christmas trees designed and donated by the community and Store volunteers.  We will have a few trees for silent auction and a few others for the raffle. 

The fundraiser will culminate with a “winner announcement” event on Sunday, December 4th at 1:00pm. The Silent auction will close at 2:30pm and raffle winners will also be drawn and announced at 2:30pm.  You do not have to be present to win.  The event will feature delectable sweets, hot cider and cocoa. 

Raffle tickets are $1 and can be purchased at the Habitat Store on 13500 Bel Red Rd in Bellevue. Come and view the trees anytime between November 16th and December 4th!

Please call our Store at (425) 641-2643 with any questions.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Let's Build a House Party Huge Success

The fourth annual Let's Build a House party was a truly inspiring night where nearly 50 guests gathered to converse, eat, drink and collectively raise money to fund an entire Habitat home!

Hosted by David and Jenny Kays' on September 14th, the party proved to be a huge success and exceeded the fundraising goal of 120,000, helping to complete a second house as well. This included contributions from Microsoft Real Estate and Facilities, the matching gift pool provided by the host couples and the House Party guests.

Habitat for Humanity is extremely grateful to our four generous host couples: David and Jenny Kays, John and Arleen Balciunas, Dave Thompson and Judy Jesiolowski, Rob Short and Emer Dooley and Tom and Terri Miller for their significant gifts that made up the matching gift pool.

Thanks to their efforts along with guest contributions, Mirna Aguilar, a single mother to three beautiful children will have an affordable home. Her family currently lives in a residence with inadequate insulation, flood problems and safety issues.

Mirna's ultimate dream is to have all of her kids attend college. She believes providing her family with a stable and safe home is an important step toward reaching that goal.

 It's amazing what a group of passionate individuals can accomplish when
they come together.

Let's Build a House party guests also signed up to build at our Issaquah site on October 29th and November 16th.

The picture on the left is from their October 29th build in Issaquah.

Thank you to all who contributed to
 Let's Build a House! 
You've made the dream of home ownership come true for one deserving family.

Upcoming Family Information Meeting

Learn how Habitat for Humanity makes homeownership possible for deserving
 low income families.

Attend a Family Information Meeting

December 1, 6:00 - 7:00pm at Snoqualmie Library, 7824 Center Blvd SE., Snoqualmie
December 3, 12:00 - 1:00pm at Renton Highlands Library, 2902 NE 12th St., Renton
December 5, 7:00 - 8:00 pm at Renton Library, 100 Mill Avenue South, Renton
December 6, 6:00 - 7:00 pm at Habitat Office, 16315 NE 87th St., Suite B-5, Redmond

In your current living situation...
  • Do you and your family live in overcrowded, expensive or substandard housing?
  • Can yo uafford $800-950 per month for housing (mortgage, HOA dues and taxes)?
  • Have you lived or worked in King County for at least one year?
  • Are you willing to put in 500 hours of "sweat equity" on your home or the home of a neighbor?
  • Are you looking for a "hand-up," not a hand-out?

Questions? Call Stephanie at 425-869-6007 or visit www.habitatekc.org

*One unit will be ADA accessible. People with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Guatemala Global Village Trip: Journal Entries

Sunday, October 9

Bienvenidos! or in the Kaqchiquel dialect, "UTz XIX PICHIK" (We're happy that you came and that you are well).
The Global Village trip to San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala has begun. Thirteen intrepid          Habi-trekkers have set out on an adventure to explore, build and impact the lives of deserving Guatemalan families for the better.- Tom Granger

Monday, October 10

First day of building! Made rebar, holes in U-blocks, mixed cement for footings, chipped a rock that was too high and hauled dirt in bags for the floor. Made good progress for the day under the guidance of Martin, the mason-the "Maestro" or the "Jeffe" - Boss.- Dave Thompson

                                     Tuesday, October 11

Today was considerably easier than yesterday. Hauled a lot of blocks around, but with block lines it was not as difficult. Ellie had to talk Martin into letting us lay blocks, but so far seems pleased with the work.- Sean ("newbie" - one of four)

Wednesday, October 12

Rain, Rain, Go Away!
Tropical storm E12 has invaded Guatemala. Not sure what the build site looks like as the heavy rain and wind makes the drive too treacherous. The wind smashed a couple of doors and woke a few people up, but the major effect is people standing around looking for something to do.

I anticipate our build site will be fine if and when we get back to it, but radar says the rain will be around at least another day. The poverty is everywhere and our effect is a small step in a long journey. Habitat is having a huge effect in Guatemala, but the need is even greater. We can only take the next step and hope others will too.- John B.

                                                                            Thursday, October 13

Rain is the theme, but we somehow seem to keep making progress on our site. The Guatemalans' hard work, calm presence and desire to improve their lives and that of their children has been inspiring.
All and all it has been a wonderful (even if wet) experience. - Jim W.

Friday, October 14

The morning was our usual 7am gathering on the large patio for our breakfast. The house is really taking shape- looks like a house. There are seven courses of blocks, eight in some places and the windows are beginning to take shape.

Judy and I took a walk with the children and meandered around a "neighborhood" of very basic swellings. I estimate that we saw about 50 young kids in the area. The homes all had outdoor showers sponsored by U.S. A.I.D (US Aid for International Development).

The dedication was lovely. Tom and Peter represented the teams beautifully in what they said to the families. The masons also spoke and I guess it was a culmination of the week's experience, but when Senor Martin spoke I was in tears.

The passion for service in this group of people is inspiring. I think it is safe to say that we really made a difference this week.
Thanks, Dave, Judy, Tom M., Tom E., Peter, Jim, Sean, Keith, Ray, John, Jack and of course my Tom for making this week such a memorable experience.- Nancy G.

Sunday, October 16

Already feeling like I've stepped back through the looking glass. Did it really happen? What stood out for me?

#1- Clive. Clive Rainey is an amazing guy to meet. Not only is his history with Habitat unmatched, but he is a wealth of informationand stories and he lives out his Christan faith better than anyone else I know.
#2- Esvin. "Pedrooo!" "Esvinnn!" At first I thought homewoner Esvin was gently poking fun at me and maybe he was, but as the week went on I think a real mutual affection developed and when he said to me "siempre mi amigo, Pedro" at the closing ceremony I was deeply touched.
#3- The Team. I was a newcomer to a team that already knew each other and worked well together. Yet they made me feel welcome from the start.
#4- Ellie and Jamil. What a great duo! When Clive left us, Jamil stepped in. He's got personality, charm, a smile that makes all the chicas want to flirt with him and he's also a smart, caring individual who has chosen this life of service when his talents would bring him sucess in more individually rewarding pursuits. Ellie  has a good heart and I hope she decides to stay in this kind of work.
#5- Rain, rain and more rain.
#6- The work.
#7- Guatemala and its people. A land of contrasts.  In Guatemala City one can see wealth and new development on the same block with decay and squalor. Why do we in the U.S. have an embarassment of riches while Guatemala struggles? It's not because we are superior people for I have met Guatemalans and they are as kind, hard-working, as loving of their families, as talented as we are. Habitat is in the right place. A secure, stable roof over one's head makes a big difference.
I am thankful for such a great experience.- Pete S.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Construction Update- September

La Fortuna, Renton

September 17, 2011-
Al had a group of plumbers and apprentices out today and wrapped up # 3& 4 and started #5. I got a picture of them loading the tools into the union's community outreach van at the end of the day. They made great progress and seemed to have a good time doing it. They are now able to track their hours volunteering towards their license.

LF5- We got the fire sprinkler control room formed and poured with LF7's slabs. We had 2 training days on housewrap and windows for the Americorps.

#1 & 5 plumbing layed out and drilled. Housewrap and windows started.

#2,3,4, & 6 plumbing ready to be tested and inspected. Housewrap and windows started.

LF7- All slabs poured in 2 days by HTI Polymer. Lumber onsite. Hardware for mudsills onsite and the balance ordered for Tuesday delivery.

Work next week will include; housewrap, windows, mudsills, and stick framing garage walls and fire rooms.

September 10, 2011- We were able to maintain progress with sub- contractors and the Americorps that Issaquah could spare during TWB.


Al has finished the waste and vent in one unit and started drilling a second. GMI has drilled 4 units and is set to start waste and vent on Tuesday. Plumbing could be ready for inspection early next week on all units.

Housewrap was started on 1 Sept with the Americorps welcome All- Staff build and will continue for another week, or so. The multi- family nature of the Renton buildings will require the completing of the weatherproofing design and an inspection before we can begin siding. Window prep and installation will begin next week. Exterior paint is on hand and siding pre- paint will begin on the next volunteer day scheduled.


Backfill and final grading are complete. Underslab insulation is complete. We will need to re- chalk some slab grade lines and roll out the plastic moisture barrier on Tuesday to be ready for the pour day scheduled with HTI Polymer on Wednesday.

Lumber is scheduled to arrive on Thursday and hardware will be scheduled for next week. Strongwalls and mud sill could potentially start late next week.

Work next week will include; housewrap, windows, mud sills, Strong-walls, and wetland mitigation.

Issaquah Highlands
September 17, 2011- Great progress this week thanks to all of the handy TWB volunteers. Wall sheathing passed inspection on Tuesday and Wednesday we had a housewrap, windows and siding training with the AmeriCorps. During TWB we were able to install housewrap up to the top of the building and flash all window openings. Windows were installed and trimmed out on the main floor. Belly bands are up on the 1st and 2nd floors, starting at the back and moving around toward the front. Hardie plank siding is complete over the garage door openings and started moving around on the north and south sides, as well as the main floor on the back of 5A. Pre- painting continued on Saturday, a bit more than half of the siding now has one coat.

Dave Sanford lead a small crew of volunteers on our ABWK project in Sammamish. Volunteers loaded a dumpster with roofing debris after a professional crew completed the removal of the old roof and installation of the new one on Friday and Saturday. 
Trusses are scheduled for delivery on Tuesday. They will be installed by  a contractor during the week. Siding will continue based on the progess of the contractor working above.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Where Are They Now?

Homeowner Update: The Fowler Family

Fowler Family

When Scott and Linda Fowler were accepted in HfHEKC's homeownership program in December 2007, they lived in a condemned rental with minimal insulation, drafty windows and faulty wiring that caused four fire scares. Scott and Linda's two children, Ashley and Joel, were 7 and 3 at the time.

The Fowler family realized their dream of homeownership In July of 2009 when they moved into their new townhouse in our Patterson Park development in Redmond. Since then, their family has felt a great amount of relief knowing they now have a place they can call home that is safe, affordable and long term.
Fowler kids

Ashley is now 11 years old, enjoys reading, singing and computers. Joel, now 7 years old, loves cars, LEGOs and Transformers. Both children started the new school year with big smiles and enthusiasm. Scott and Linda continue to be active within their church community and their neighborhood.

To see photos from our most recent Home Dedications, click here. Four homes were dedicated in the Magnolia, Issaquah Highlands development on August 27, 2011.