Monday, November 21, 2011

Construction Update- November

La Fortuna, Renton:


The entire building is officially "dried in" (all windows, doors and housewrap on) and we passed the final moisture envelope inspection. Dave Buck commented the work was very good quality and the system we use is better than most normal construction he sees. All garages are pre- rocked for garage door installation which is scheduled for the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Siding is complete to the top floor across the entire back and belly bands, window trim, and corners are complete on both ends and the back.  Hardi panel started on the third floor and siding and trim started on all sides of the building.

Fire sprinkler contractor should finish up this week and be ready for inspection before the Thanksgiving break.

John helped set exhaust fans in three units for the HVAC sub to connect the ducts.  HVAC contractor is in the last unit and should finish up on Monday. Inspections will start on Tuesday. We have begun soffiting and boxing heat ducts in 2 units.

Electrical volunteers are scheduled for Tuesday to start rough in.


With the help of Bank of America, we got the party walls up and sheeted,  and we set the back corner for the entry way walls. 

The experienced crews from GLY and PCL helped finish the floor framing in 7e, start and finish the floor joist and beams in 7d, and start the floor joist in 7c. They also helped finish wall framing in all but 7a and sheeting to 95% and fire rock 90%

Floor joists have been completed in 3 units and layout is finished and ready for beams and joists in a 4th.

Guardrails were started in LF7e and will be completed before sub- floor is started.

Stair landings are in 3 units and the lower set of stairs in LF7d has been cut and is ready to install.

Interior sheerwalls are complete in 3 units and started in a 4th.

Work for this week:
Siding and trim, caulking, painting (weather dependent), floor joists, stairs and landings, guardrails, and maybe sub- floor.

Issaquah Highlands:
Progress continues to be steady with the siding installation. We are now complete in the back, south gable end and the north gable only has a few pieces left. Completed areas under the porch and several gables in the front are now started and one is finished. We were able to start the final coat of exterior paint on the south gable and the back of the building.
On the inside, the plumbing is complete and was tested. There is one minor correction that will be made on Tuesday. Insulation and sheet rock was installed in the garages in preparation for the HVAC installation, which is about 95% complete and should be finished early next week.
 Work for this week:
We will continue siding and start building soffits around the plumbing and duct work on the inside of the building.

Another AmeriCorps group, City Year, came out to both of our sites last Friday!  They were a fun, enthusiastic group and worked hard in the cold.  Here they are pictured in front of the Issaquah Highlands site! 

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