Monday, January 30, 2012

Construction Update- January

La Fortuna, Renton

January 28th, 2012 -

We had 33 volunteers today, if you count the NCCC. The NCCC team is settling in and giving our winter production a boost as we hoped. They should be able to lead crews soon and get even more done!


More siding went up and we are making good progress. The deck railing materials were delivered, but we want to finish the siding above them with scaffolding, so they won't be built for awhile.

Still no progress on the electrical rough in.

The duct soffits in the garages are nearly finished. We have a couple of hood vent ducts to soffit in the kitchen and we will be done with that task.


"a" was worked on Wednesday and we got a couple of interior walls built and the exterior walls sheeted.

"b" had the tie plates finished and the bracing started.

The major wall SNAFU was corrected and now the interior walls were built today and "c" is ready for tie plates.

"d" & "e" are braced and laid out for the floor joists and beams. The floor load will be delivered early next week.

Work next week will include; Floor framing, stairs and landings, exterior wall sheeting, siding, punch list, and maybe painting?

January 14th, 2012-

Between MLK holiday, snow, freezing rain, and power outages we were only open 1 day, today. We didn't have any inspections or materials delivered. The snow completely wrecked our volunteer tent, collapsing it, bending and breaking the legs, plus tearing the top.

No other damage occurred and we scraped the snow off the road with the Kubota before our volunteers arrived. The CVLs and NCCC shoveled the floors in LF7 so work could go ahead.

We worked on a little siding, but the dripping snow melt made it very uncomfortable, so we switched to framing punch list in 3 different units.
In "c" we took down a wall put up on last Saturday because none of the wall sheeting seams were on studs, the window was framed wrong, and the sill gasket hadn't been installed. The sheeting was remove, the window fixed,  the re-sheeting was started, and the gasket installed.. We also put up the last party wall section for the second floor.

In "b,d, and e" we worked on tie plates for the walls we built last week.

Work next week will include; interior wall framing, exterior wall framing and sheeting, framing punch list, siding, and paining (weather permitting).

Volunteers from UW join our visiting NCCC team and Habitat EKC AmeriCorps to raise some walls in La Fortuna

January 7th, 2012- 
The NCCC team will arrive next week and give us a production boost during a traditionally low volunteer time. At the all- staff build day work will be siding, framing, punch list, and maybe weather allowing some painting. Dress warm!


No electricians. Will try to pass mechanical and gas pipe inspections next week. Fire sprinkler inspection scheduled for Tuesday. Heather is working with Geek Squad to do the low voltage installation on 31 Jan.

Siding continues and is nearly finished on the north end. We are starting to take down the scaffolding in back to bring around to the front to work on the siding over the decks and roofs.

Waterline and duct soffiting continues in the garages. Other punch list work to continue next week.


Faithful volunteer Dave Sanford with our HP group!

 We built and raised several more walls this week. Started and finished interior walls in E today. Plates and layout for interior walls ready in B. Partywall in C framed, sheeted and fire rock started.

We also cleaned up around the front of the building and in the garages.


The streets were scraped and swept, plus started cleaning drain socks. Plastic was straightened out and some straw spread.

Work next week will include; framing walls, siding, punch list, and maybe painting.

Issaquah Highlands:

January 28th, 2012-

Things are starting to move along in Issaquah. We were closed for a week due to the snow and the early part of this week was used for some site clean up, metal recycling and working in Renton. On Friday we finally had the gas service installed! So exciting I attached a picture. On Saturday we started to reinstall some scaffolding and worked on restoring the hillside between buildings 4 and 5. We are scheduled on Monday for our HVAC contractor to get the furnaces running. Tape and mud should begin on the sheet rock on Tuesday.

Next week we will continue with scaffold work, possibly roof siding, exterior paint prep and start picking up materials for tile work. 

January 14th, 2012-

The building has sheet rock! Insulation was completed on Tuesday and a contractor completed hanging the sheet rock by Friday evening. On Saturday volunteers removed and swept out the sheet rock debris and worked on sealing the electrical boxes to the wall board. We are still waiting to have the gas service installed. Hopefully this will happen next week and we can get the building heated. Sheet rock finish will begin once the heat is on.

January 7th, 2012-

There were some big changes this week for building 5. Permanent electric service was installed on both units. We now have working exterior outlets, several temporary outlets throughout the building and the lights in the garages were installed and functioning. Unfortunately this also means that our temporary power had to be disconnected so we no longer have power to the job trailer. We are operating the computer off of an extension cord. The refrigerator and a microwave were put in one of the garages.

On Thursday we conducted a preliminary blower door test to check the air leakage of the building. We were satisfied with results to move forward with insulation and sheet rock. We sealed up some additional problem areas that were revealed during the test and the majority of the insulation was completed on Saturday.

Exterior painting was able to continue on Wednesday with a good amount getting covered.

Next week we will be finishing the insulation and having the remainder of the sheet rock installed. Garage doors are also scheduled for Wednesday and hopefully the gas service will be installed and we will be able to get the heat turned on inside the building.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Help Us Receive 100 Hours of Carpentry Labor!

McAdams Remodeling and Design Hosts Open House

Kirkland, WA McAdams Remodeling and Design, formerly known as McAdams Builders, is hosting an open house on Saturday, January 28, 2012 from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM in their Kirkland-based office. They welcome current and prospective clients as well as the local community to join them for the unveiling of their new logo and colors, as well as other exciting changes.

“Remodeling our clients’ homes has been our focus since 2004,” reveals Len McAdams, President and Founder of McAdams Remodeling and Design. “We believe our new company name better describes our business and specialty, and we are all excited to share these changes with the community.”
For every family in attendance, the company has pledged to volunteer one-hour of carpentry labor to Habitat for Humanity of East King County. This chapter of Habitat for Humanity has built over 111 homes in the Eastside area and Len and his team look forward to helping them increase that number.

“Habitat for Humanity of East King County is delighted to partner with McAdams Renovation and Design. Their donation of skilled carpentry will help us complete our last unit in the Issaquah Highlands, said Tom Granger, Executive Director of Habitat EKC. Whenever we are fortunate enough to receive in-kind donations of skilled labor of this sort, we are thrilled. Not only does it help us build more efficiently and quickly but our staff, volunteers and the new homeowner families enjoy the opportunity to work together and literally build community.”

Founded in 1974, McAdams Remodeling and Design provides remodeling, design, and home improvement services throughout the Greater Eastside. The event will take place at their "home" office of nearly 30 years, at 13003 NE 85th Street, Kirkland, WA. 98033.

Lynn Goodwin
13003 NE 85th Street
Kirkland, WA 98033

(425) 822-6555