Thursday, July 12, 2012

July Volunteer of the Month: HTI Polymer, Inc.

Greg and Eric from HTI Polymer worked for four days at our La Fortuna project, entirely painting the interiors of 6 units. Their donated labor allowed Habitat Construction staff to focus on other projects around the site and saved Habitat at least 2 weeks of work, and it looks beautiful!

Interview with Chris Campton, Preseident of HTI Polymer, Inc.-

How and why did your company initially get involved with Habitat for Humanity?
We were invited for a Breakfast by Ali Moayeri of Costco. After hearing the success stories of some of the Habitat residents, we were compelled to get involved. Habitat for Humanity is not about handouts,  it is about a hand up to hard working families that have been placed in some unfortunate circumstances, but are willing to work their way out of it with some assistance from the organization.

What aspects of volunteering with Habitat do you think you and your colleagues enjoyed the most? The results. Seeing hard working people get ahead.

Do you think that you and your company will continue to be involved with Habitat? We will always be available to assist in any way that we can.

What about Habitat’s mission is attractive to you? It is about working with hard working families to help them get ahead and provide the American dream for their families.

Thank you to the team at HTI Polymer, Inc. for all that you do for Habitat and the community.

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