Thursday, July 12, 2012

Goodbye Tribute to our 2011-12 AmeriCorps Team

They came from far corners of the continent, tentatively started forming relationships at SERVES, and each grew in their roles to become one of the strongest AmeriCorps units Habitat for Humanity of East King County has known. They oversaw an amazing Women Build, provided incredible hospitality to our NCCC Silver 4 visitors, supported family members, selections, and home dedications, and created a great season of old and new volunteer appreciation events.
Our 2011-12 team volunteered additional time for outside organizations in the county, both as a team and on their own, became certified as disaster first responders, and created awesome art and t-shirts for our affiliate. Oh, and somehow in between all that, they managed to oversee and participate in the construction of 13 new units of housing and rehabilitation of a handful more.

In other words, you could say this year's AmeriCorps team got a few things done. That's not to say they didn't have any fun in the process. The team could teach a course in how to have a good time. While keeping on top of safety and responsibilities on site and in the office, The AmeriCorps team brightened the days of volunteers, staff, families, and each other, making for wonderful memories in the process.

Thank you 2011-12 AmeriCorps team for all that you have done for Habitat and for all that you do in the community as a whole. Your service and work will not be forgotten. We will miss you, but know that each of you have many more adventures ahead and look forward to seeing where they take you.

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