Monday, March 7, 2011

Construction Update March 7, 2011

We have some floor joists up!

La Fortuna, Renton

Work is progressing well and we have 3 party walls closed and 2 more ready for inspection on Tuesday. The floor package was delivered on Thursday and we started installing floor joist today. We have another week in the garages then we should be all floor framing for a couple weeks.

The footing and roof drain connection was made by Steve on Friday and we will connect to it next week. Water was turned on at our temp water faucet yesterday.

Work in the wetlands this week included the Newport HS group digging up bamboo roots and mulching around the native species Denise planted. Some of the group also worked on building some picnic tables for our lunch area.

Work this week: stick framing entryway walls, stair landings, floor framing, and wetlands mitigation.

Magnolia Village, Issaquah Highlands

Building 3:
  • Continued siding, the back is 99% complete.
  • Panel and plank were started on 3A gable and panel was started on 3B gable
  • Continued limited electrical work
  • Layout for HVAC complete
  • Some caulking and spackling continued
Building 4:
  • Plumbing rough-in was inspected, 4A passed, 4B should pass this week.
  • HVAC needs to complete dryer and fan venting.
  • Electrical rough-in is about 80% complete, low voltage wiring will begin this week.
  • Continued siding on the front of the building.

We also worked on some site maintenance, silt fences, plastic, straw, etc. Work has started in the old yard to clean up and have the remaining trailer moved.

Work this week:  siding.

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