Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Construction Update March 15, 2011

La Fortuna, Renton
The City of Renton build day went very well with lunch catered by City Council member, Don Perrson and served by the Mayor of Renton, Denis Law.

We made good progress closing a party wall, fire rocking and closing the last party wall in the garage level, setting 9 beams, installing 75% of the floor joists on 1 unit, more floor joists and rim joist in another unit, and stick framing an entryway.

Temporary water service was unlocked, purged, and the trench back filled. The water here is quite tasty and it will be nice to stop buying so much water from the store.

Work this week:
Stick framing entryway walls
Beams and floor joists
Floor blocking
Stair landings, stairs, and maybe floor sheeting

Magnolia Village, Issaquah Highlands

Building 3:
  • HVAC rough-in has started-20% complete
  • Sheet rock was installed behind the bath tubs
  • Sheet rock continued on the gable
  • Siding continued: back is complete, south gable has the peak remaining, north gable is 20% complete, siding in the front continued
  • Worked on exterior caulking and siding paint prep
  • Pre-rock in the garage should begin next week for HVAC

Building 4:
  • HVAC rough-in completed, inspection passed, duct testing passed 1 of 2 and will be tested again next week
  • Electrical rough-in 95% complete, low voltage mostly finished
  • Siding on front stairwell walls- 80% complete
  • Installed baffles in attic
Temporary water service was installed this week for the site. Work continued in the old yard.

Work this week:
Continue siding
Moving some scaffolding towers
Hopefully the electrical rough-in will be completed and ready for inspection.

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