Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chilly Chili Challenge 2011

Thank you to our volunteers, chili cooks and anyone else who participated in our Second Annual Chilly Chili Challenge!

The past two months have certainly been chilly ones, and we are so grateful to the volunteers who made it out on those rainy days, the chili cooks who donated their delicious food and time, and other sponsors who kept us going along the way.

It was a very tough decision, but the winners have been selected! Habitat's very own homeowners took the title of Best Chili Cooks. Lola & Alissa moved into their new homes in Issaquah Highlands in November, and they were both eager to help. Although neither had cooked chili before, they both took to their newly appointed roles as chili cook rather nicely. A few bowls and quite a few pieces of cornbread later, I was sure they would ultimately win the challenge. I was right, but the challenge was not an easy one; Lola and Alissa had to defeat an array of delicious homemade chili from Sammamish Hills Lutheran Church, the addictive "confetti" cornbread from Landau's Catering, a Santa fe chowder from Organic to Go, and plenty others.

Over the past two months, we have had several old friends, and new ones too, join us on site for the Chilly Chili Challenge. The 2011 Chilly Chili Challenge coincided with the opening of our new neighborhood, La Fortuna in Renton. The Cheesecake Factory were the first group of volunteers to come out to Renton! After digging trenches in the mud all day, they certainly deserved the chili donated by Zoopa!

This community-wide event was made possible by individuals, restaurants and locally-owned businesses. We thank them for making a difference in King County and supporting volunteerism within their community. We rely on 80-90% volunteer labor to keep our homes affordable, so folks like you are truly vital to our affiliate!

Thank you all and we hope to see you next year!

Contine on this page to see a full list of winners and sponsors:

Spiciest: Rainforest Cafe

Most Hearty: Landau's Catering

Most Unique: Gourmondo Catering

Most like Mom's or Grandma's: Sammamish Hills Lutheran Church

Overall Awesomeness Renton: BEST High School

Overall Awesomeness Issaquah: Habitat Homeowners

Overall Winner: Habitat Homeowners

Thank you to our other sponsors - we could not have done it without you!

Issaquah Cafe
ZoopaKaspars Catering
Organic to Go
Bistro Box

Habitat Staff
Trader Joe's
Mode Organic Salon
Ummelina Day Spa
Maple Leaf Book Exchange
Jimmy Mac's Roadhouse

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