Friday, September 9, 2011

Construction Update- August

La Fortuna, Renton

Passed pre- housewrap inspection on Tuesday and finished up with the foam in the back, but didn't get to starting the housewrap yet.

Al started plumbing rough-in on Tuesday and has 1 unit laid out, drilled and started gluing waste & vent. Al's boss stopped by on Friday and was interested in getting apprentices out to help Al. Insulation and pre- rock was completed in 2 units by Rafael and Yesenia on Saturday and the tubs were hauled up over the decks for the 2 units Al is working on.

On Saturday we trenched, installed the sleeve, installed the pipe and then backfilled the water supply for the sprinkler room. Forms for the foundation will be set next week and will be poured when LF7's garage slabs are poured.

We finished the footing drains and insulation then sanded the rest of the sewer lines and the foundation is ready for partial backfill, then we will instal the electrical conduits. After the electrical underslab is inspected we can finish backfill and schedule slabs.

Work next week will include; housewrap, windows, pick up framing punchlist, electrical conduits, garage grading, sub- sill installation at heated living areas, and slab prep.

Issaquah Highlands

Buildings 3 & 4: Continued punchlist work. Carpet was installed on Monday and Tuesday. Next week we will give the units a good cleaning and complete final touch ups.

Building 5: Continued framing exterior walls. All exterior walls, minus the stairwell, on 5A are framed. 5B is about 60%.

Next week the framing will continue and we may start setting scaffold around the building for OSB fill in work and installing hold down straps.

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