Monday, September 12, 2011

Where Are They Now?

Homeowner Update: The Fowler Family

Fowler Family

When Scott and Linda Fowler were accepted in HfHEKC's homeownership program in December 2007, they lived in a condemned rental with minimal insulation, drafty windows and faulty wiring that caused four fire scares. Scott and Linda's two children, Ashley and Joel, were 7 and 3 at the time.

The Fowler family realized their dream of homeownership In July of 2009 when they moved into their new townhouse in our Patterson Park development in Redmond. Since then, their family has felt a great amount of relief knowing they now have a place they can call home that is safe, affordable and long term.
Fowler kids

Ashley is now 11 years old, enjoys reading, singing and computers. Joel, now 7 years old, loves cars, LEGOs and Transformers. Both children started the new school year with big smiles and enthusiasm. Scott and Linda continue to be active within their church community and their neighborhood.

To see photos from our most recent Home Dedications, click here. Four homes were dedicated in the Magnolia, Issaquah Highlands development on August 27, 2011.

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