Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Construction Update: La Fortuna, Renton - August

August 4, 2012

3 units are ready to spray the trim paint next week and caulking and spackling continue in the other 3 units. 5 units have the kitchen counter tops built and ready for laminate, which is ready to be picked up. Bathroom counter tops have been started using the donated pre- formed tops from the store. Door knobs arrived and will be installed after paint.
Plumbing trim is ready to pick up next week. Fire sprinkler trim is started and the water supply is hooked to the meter. Phone and cable is trenched and ready for conduit. We have started digging for individual water meter hookups and will check into getting the meters set. We will pick up the side sewer permits next week and then schedule the sewer connections.
We have pre- rocked the fire room for the fire sprinkler contractor. They have started laying out and drilling and even ran some pipe. They expect to be done next week, but they had old plans and will need to submit a change to the fire department before they can have an inspection. We also connected the water supply to the meter.
Al nears completion with the plumbing in the last unit. Grant has said he will help Al out to finish up when he comes out next week to fix the leak in "b". We should be ready for inspection next week.
HVAC is scheduled to start next Tuesday. They should be about 3 days per unit and finish up this month.
All 4 garage doors have been wrapped and flashed. They now need firring out and pre- rack before the garage doors are installed.
Wetlands/ site work-
We watered, mowed, and weeded in the wetlands this week. We also eradicated some noxious weeds from the other parts of the site.

Work next week will include; interior trim painting, interior paint prep, utility trenching and hookup, house wrap, deck trim and posts, exterior paint, and wetlands work.
August 18, 2012
All six sewers were connected and back filled. Water meters are scheduled to be installed this week and will be connected the day after. Steve did a little final grading on the north end of the building and will be back after the water meters are connected to finish up the grading in front.
5 of 6 units are finished painting inside.
Kitchen coutertops are done in 2 units and ready for plumbing trim this week.
Scaffolding is going up in the front. Housewrap in finished except for the front. Windows are installed in "a" and the entry ways. All exterior doors are installed.
HVAC is done in 2 units and started in the 3rd.
Wetlands/ site work-We finished pulling up the tansy ragwort and attacked the blackberry vines. Dave Sanford brought in a mower and mowed about 1/2 of the site.
Work next week will include; housewrap, window prep, window installation, plumbing trim, siding prep, exterior painting, and water meter connections.

August 25, 2012
Progress is where we need to be for the work planned for TWB and we are ready for electricians in the Thrivent house. The hired ex- Americorps are making a difference and will allow me to enjoy my GV trip with confidence that the site will progress well.

Plumbing trim is progressing in 2 units, 95% in #4 and 75% in #3. We will call in Grant to trim out the other units when we have finished the counter tops. All six water meters are installed and connected, inspection will be on Tuesday and Steve will come back on Wednesday to grade for driveways and sidewalks.
Interior trim is painted and final touch ups started. Doors have been re- hung in 5 units and 95% of the door knobs have been installed. Closet shelving is finished in 5 units.
We are still working on batts for the porch ceilings, 75% completed.
Housewrap is 100% and only 4 windows are left to install. The slider doors are waiting for the deck membrane, which will be delivered on Tuesday.
Siding and trim will be delivered Tuesday and the paint is already on hand. Pre- painting will begin next week and continue through TWB.
Fire sprinklers are 95% and HVAC is complete in 4 units and 80% in "e".
Wetlands/ sitework-
Emailing Planning Department to find out what we need to finish before we can get Certificate of Occupancy in the first building in the development.
Work next week will include; windows, exterior trim, pre- painting siding, interior touch up paint, deck membrane, counter tops, plumbing trim, grading, and closet shelving.


  1. Fire sprinkler trim is started and the water supply is hooked to the meter. Phone and cable is trenched and ready for conduit....click here