Monday, April 30, 2012

Special Brush with Kindness Project

Bathroom Remodel: Brush with Kindness Project

Linda lives in the neighborhood near our La Fortuna project in Renton.  Several years ago she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, or MS, which forced her into early retirement and she is now living on a fixed income.  
Bathtub after remodel
Bathtub before remodel
Linda’s bathtub was without grab bars, a bath chair, or a hose long enough for her to shower safely, but she was unable to afford the renovations necessary to ensure her safety.
Habitat for Humanity EKC partnered with the City of Renton, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and the MS Foundation to fund the project. 

Volunteers from McAdam’s Remodeling and   Design along with their plumber, Chuck from Protocol Plumbing, removed the existing bathtub and walls.  In the process of doing this they discovered that much of the floor framing in the area was rotten, so they reframed part of the floor to address the concern.  They installed solid backing in the areas where the new grab bars would be placed, new drywall around the tub, the tub and enclosure itself, and the shower trim and hardware.  They also removed all the existing wainscoting and baseboards, repaired the walls in those areas, and installed new vinyl flooring and baseboards.

These partnerships significantly reduced the cost to Linda, making it affordable to do the remodel that will allow her to continue living safely in her home. 

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