Friday, May 13, 2011

Habitat for Humanity EKC to Host 2011 AmeriCorps Build!

During the week of May 16 - 20, 2011, Habitat EKC, in partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Seattle/South King County, will be hosting 62 Habitat AmeriCorps from across the nation for the 2011 AmeriCorps Build!

The event will take place during National AmeriCorps Week, through which the Corporation for National and Community Service highlights work done by members in communities across the country.

AmeriCorps team members will be working on new construction at East King County’s La Fortuna site in Renton and South King County’s Rainier Vista site in Seattle. In addition to new construction, affiliates will be doing work with our new program called the Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative. It is expected that this event will impact the lives of up to 80 families. We’re looking forward to sharing work and meals with fellow AmeriCorps members, getting to know the Renton homeowners and neighbors better, and making significant progress in home construction.

Though split into two worksites, all participants will be staying together at a Hostel in Seattle’s International District with plenty of free time to explore Seattle’s sights, enjoy the cuisine, and breathe in the mountain air. We hope it will be a time to have fun and share with one another about our lives as Habitat for Humanity AmeriCorps members.

We’re thankful for all of those involved in the planning stages, for their time and dedication, and are looking forward to enjoying a fun-filled, exciting week!

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