Monday, May 9, 2011

Construction Update May 9, 2011

La Fortuna, Renton

Unit #1
Floor joists 100% complete.
Rim joists 40% complete, and ready for blocking.

Unit #2
Floor framing, guardrails, and sheeting 100% complete.

Unit #3
Floor joists 75% complete.

Unit #4
Floor joists 100% complete.
Rim joists 80% complete.

Unit #5
Floor joists 100% complete. 
Rim joists started.

Unit #6
Floor and rim joists 100% complete.
Blocking 90% complete.

Work this week:
Rim joists and blocking
Sub- floor sheeting.
Prep for the Americorps Build.

Magnolia Village, Issaquah Highlands
Good week in Issaquah. The Women Build was very productive with about 46 volunteers along with AmeriCorps and staff who participated.

Building 3:
Sheet rock finish is nearly complete. Should be primed and textured by Wednesday
Garage doors were installed

Building 4:
Continued tile underlayment in the kitchens and entry, 75% complete
Tile layout started.
Started installing interior doors and mill work.
Doors- 75% complete, mill work 40% complete.
Started interior caulking and mill work paint prep.
Continued exterior painting on the front of the building.

Building 5:
Framed party walls- passed inspection.
Exterior walls- 80% complete
Started framing interior walls- 90% framed, 50% stood.
Removed guard rails and started filling in OSB.

Work this week:
Interior work on Building 4.
Begin rotating AmeriCorps to Renton for AC build prep. 

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