Thursday, October 18, 2012

Honoring Lives of Service

Bob Patterson Retires from Board of Directors


After the October 2012 Habitat for Humanity of East King County Board meeting, Bob Patterson will retire from the Board, nearly 25 years after he and Shirley Patterson founded the local Habitat Affiliate.
The EKC affiliate has built 119 new affordable homes, and repaired or preserved 8 additional homes, serving 139 hardworking, low-income families in our community. In the process, tens of thousands of volunteers worked side-by-side with partner families to fulfill their dream of homeownership.
Bob’s life of service did not begin with Habitat for Humanity.  Bob served his country as a U.S. Army paratrooper during World War II and battalion adjutant during the Korean War; he served this region as a school teacher, principal and school superintendent from 1953 to 1980; he served his community through his church and on the Carnation City Council and as Mayor from 1995 to 2000.
Shirley also served her community as a school teacher and then turned her attention to raising her family.  She has continued to serve the community through the PTA, her church, the senior center, and Hopelink.  Bob and Shirley got married in 1970 and raised their combined family of 6 children.  Four of those children are continuing in the family tradition of educating our youth as teachers.
Since 1988 and their founding of the local Habitat for Humanity affiliate, Bob and Shirley have been the guiding force for this organization, inspiring Board members and staff, encouraging donors, motivating volunteers and helping families achieve stability.
Thank you, Bob and Shirley Patterson, for all that you have done to strengthen our community.

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