Thursday, September 13, 2012

Meet our New AmeriCorps

Darryl Bray
From: Connecticut & Vermont
Site: Rainier Vista and/or West Way
Spend one afternoon with Darryl and you may learn more interesting and useful facts about living green, vinegar flies, video production, yerts, DIY construction projects, and other fascinating aspects of our world than you learned all year. Give Darryl a chance to introduce himself, you won’t be disappointed!

Kristen Holsapple
From: Milwaukee, WI
Site: Rainier Vista, La Fortuna
Likes: animals, yoga, words, being outside, social work and social justice, learning, and building with Habitat. Ask me about figure/ice skating, and tell me about any rinks you know of!
Kaitlyn Le Baudour
From: Northern California
Site: House of the Immediate Future/Seattle Center

Speak to me in Spanish because I love it! If Spanish isn't your thing you can join me for eating beans and rice, blackberry picking, rock climbing, or backpacking. I will always say yes to spontaneous adventures. I love people’s stories and documenting them through writing   and photography whenever possible. Oh and if I had a dog I'd name him Cowboy, I'm a country girl at heart 

Tracie Fowler
From: Olympia, WA
Site: Rainier Vista

Likes: Playing in Seattle's many bodies of water, visiting animal shelters to get my animal fix, outfitting others' homes with cool thriftstore finds, and learning about cool people, things, and happenings through conversation.
Rob Riethmiller
From: Eugene, Oregon
Site: HfH East King County office in Redmond (Construction Systems)

Rob is an outdoor junkie! He enjoys backpacking, hiking, peak bagging, mountain and road biking, community gardening, traveling, and ultimate frisbee. He is passionaite about living and designing sustainably. He also plays a mean harmonica.
Andrew Withnell
From: Washington, DC
Site: West Way
Likes: Icees, Oreos, urbanism, and sometimes, yeeros.

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