Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June Volunteer of the Month

Meet Tom Dodt
Tom Dodt has been an asset to Habitat for Humanity of East King County for many years. He has served as a member of the Board of Directors and as chair of the Growing with Habitat Breakfast planning committee. We choose Tom as our volunteer of the month of June because of the huge commitment he has shown to our affiliate. Thank you Tom for your positive energy and dedication to Habitat. The work you contribute helps us to serve more hardworking low income families in our community.

An interview with Tom Dodt:

How did you initially get involved with Habitat for Humanity? How many years?
My involvement with  HfHEKC started with the  “Blitz Build” in 2001 (20 houses in 12 days as I recall – Crazy!).  I got connected with HfH through my church, St Joe’s in Issaquah.   The first work site task I had was to climb into the crawl space and staple up insulation sheets between floor joists – dirty, dark and itchy.  Why did that seem like fun and warrant coming back?  Not  sure, but  it was.  This was followed by coordinating  St Joe’s volunteerism with the Together We Build coalition which was an awesome experience.  And then I became a HfHEKC board member and breakfast chair for the “Growing with Habitat” breakfast. 

Tom Dodt with his wife Vicki at the Growing with Habitat Breakfast
What aspects of volunteering with Habitat have you enjoyed the most? 
Working with something that changes people’s lives!  Fruit of HfH’s labors has a significant ripple effect in our society and it’s a pleasure to be a part of it.

What keeps you coming back? 
The families’ smiles.  The sense of making a tangible difference in our society. 

What about Habitat’s mission is attractive to you? 
It’s a hand up not a hand out.  It’s teaching people to fish not giving them a fish.  It’s a family’s quality of life, safety and security.  It’s working with a dedicated, professional team.  It’s working with amazing volunteers.  It’s working with an institution that is internationally recognized for accomplishment.  It’s an organization’s willingness to re-invent  itself.  It’s a lot of things!

What other interests/hobbies etc. do you have? 
Hiking, biking, kayaking, racquet sports and etymology.

Other Comments:  I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to have my kids involved with Habitat.  It was great to have them involved in various activities to help hone their values.

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