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Construction Update - March 2012

La Fortuna, Renton:
March 31st
Today was down to 13 volunteers signed up. By 9:15 we had 23 people signed in. With all of the homeowners, buyback families, and ABWK/NRI families earning their hours at one site after next month, we could really be hopping on Saturdays!


Contract OK'd with Bob's to finish the gas piping. PSE needs to come out and set the manifold before they can do the work. Hopefully they will come out next Wednesday and get this going.

Air sealing is progressing and is complete in the 3 units we are going to test first.

NorTech is coming out to finish up a few things, then re-test the sprinkler pipes. If everything goes well they will have inspection on Tuesday.

We will have a partial framing inspection Tuesday and a final framing inspection as soon as we can fix anything the inspector finds.

Partial sheetrock delivery is scheduled for Thursday and then they will hang the lids in 3 units and we will have a practice blower door test afterwards.


The Thrivent/ Microsoft Build has the sub- floor down and the stair landing finished. It is now caught up to "b" and will be ready for trusses with the rest of the building. The other units sat idle this week as we focused on LF5.

Work next week will include; air sealing, insulation, framing, cleaning, and prep for sheetrock.

March 24th
Exciting week. Lee and Kristina met with PSE and we ordered gas service, then Friday we passed 6 electrical inspections on the first try, plus exterior painting! We also made good progress on the Thrivent Build/ Microsoft House.


Passed electrical inspections. Ordered gas. Scheduled fire sprinkler inspection for Wednesday. Ordered insulation for 3 units, delivery Wednesday.

Nearing completion of air sealing in #5 and 6. After framing inspection we will have the ceilings hung and do a practice blower door test in those 2 units.

We got some exterior painting done during the good weather. Approaching 99% of 1st coat completed. We also worked on caulking and spackling.


In "a" we installed all of the beams and joists with a Microsoft group on Wednesday, then completed all of the rim joist, blocking, backing, and even started the stair landing on Saturday with a different Microsoft group.

We work some more in "c" and have the all exterior and party walls built.


Installed water valve monument to finish the required improvements from the Soos Creek inspection.

Work next week will include; sprinkler pipe tenting, air sealing, maybe sub- floor, exterior painting, phone and cable conduits, framing punch list, and clean up.

March 18th
We had snow 2 times last week. Brrr! We made some more progress on the Thrivent build with the Holy Cross volunteer on Saturday.


Continuing with the air sealing. We have used up to 70 tubes of caulk in a single day, so the caulk donation from Pro- Build is a blessing. We are using the DOW donated spray and rigid foams everywhere possible.

Steve has trenched around 3 entire sides of the building, extended a storm drain stub out, and installed/sanded/ backfilled 50' of gas sleeve.

A volunteer electrician didn't come through and we are scheduling a paid electrician to finish up on Tuesday. We will have them stub out the phone and cable at the back of each unit and bring the home runs around the outside in the gas trench. FPI will wire for fire alarm on Wednesday and we should be able to get an electrical inspection afterward.


The HFH Tacoma-Pierce County AmeriCorps team joined us for
a day of framing during AmeriCorps week
We built more walls with the HfHtpc Americorps and with the Newport High groups. Unit "a" is ready for floor joists, "b" sat idle, "c" and "d" are 75%, and "e" had the interior walls started.


Trying to find time to pull the wire and put up boxes for the alarm system. Need to order replacement trees before the good transplant time is gone.

Work next week will include; air sealing, framing punchlist, wall framing, floor framing, trenching, and maybe painting.

March 3rd
It is the last full week with the NCCC team. We have made good progress while they were here. There is a regular volunteer who is Thrivent and Lutheran and some Microsoft volunteers, so we made some progress on the ADA.


We did a little painting and hope for more chances soon. More trim and flashing was put on to prep some siding fields for the All Staff build next Wednesday. The siding should be completed next week, maybe even during the build.

The electrician is coming back on Tuesday to help us finish the low voltage and connect the unit panels to the meters. We should be ready for inspection late next week.

We have been working on the air sealing for weatherization for the entire week and are only part way done in a couple of units. We are learning a lot about planning ahead in the future!


AmeriCorps NCCC leader, Eddie Barnhart installing sub floor
on one of the visiting team's last days with HFHEKC

Unit "a' had all of its exterior walls and 80% of its interior walls framed during the week. We will probably work again on Wednesday, would any of the office staff qualify as Thrivent volunteers?

Unit "b" has most of the sub floor installed today.

Units "d & e" have multiple walls framed and stood and all the exterior and party wall plates cut and laid out.

Work next week will include; wall framing, siding, air sealing, maybe floor framing in "a", maybe painting, definitely paint prep (caulk and spackle), and tearing down scaffold to allow for trenching to begin the week after.

Issaquah Highlands:
March 31st
Good progress again on building 5. Al and his sons were able to complete most of the plumbing trim. The water was tested on 5B. The water meter for 5A needs to be installed but the supply to the house is connected and will be operational once the meter is in place. Most of the paint prep and masking is complete in 5A and 75% in 5B. Towel bars were installed and closet shelving is about 60%. Tile backsplash was finished in the kitchens and wood backsplash for the bathrooms was cut, stained and ready to be installed. On the exterior, the block retaining walls are about 90% complete. Cable and phone conduits were installed and the water service was hooked up. The driveways were dug out to grade.

Next week we will be focusing on completing the interior painting and rehanging the doors. Door knobs, punchlist work and the final cleaning will also begin.

March 24th
Good progress continues in Issaquah. The better weather allowed us to finishing all exterior painting that needs to be reached from scaffolding. The final tower was removed and the buildings are now ready for finish grading and for the concrete flatwork. On Saturday we started building stacked block retaining walls on the sides. The planter strip along Magnolia was also graded and is ready for landscaping and the temporary water service was dug up to allow for the permanent service to be installed to the building.
Inside most of the countertops were finished and will be fully completed on Monday. Sinks were cut in and are ready for hook up along with the rest of the plumbing trim. Al Peterson will be assisting with this starting on Tuesday. Millwork installation and paint prep also continued and is now more than 90% complete.
Next week we will continue the retaining walls, complete the paint prep and hopefully start interior trim and door painting. We will also continue removing items from our storage yard as we continue to close out the site.

March 17th
Interior finishes continue to go well. In 5A the kitchen tile was installed and most of the wood laminate flooring was completed. Countertop bases were built in both units and interior paint prep and mill work installation continued. The weather was not very cooperative this week but Marc was able to get a coat of paint on the siding over the main roof on Friday. Karice, the electrician who helped with the rough-in, came out and worked with John on Friday. They were able to complete about 75% of the lights and outlets.
Next week we will continue with interior finishes and may get some exterior work completed if we can get some better weather.

March 3rd

We had another strong week of interior finish work. On Tuesday laminate wood flooring started in 5A and about 90% was completed by Thursday. Five Interior doors were installed on Friday and baseboard and door casing was the main task on Saturday. Earlier in the week baseboard was also installed in 5B. Most is now in on the upper floors of both units. Kitchen cabinets were delivered and installed on Wednesday and Thursday along with a couple of the bathroom vanities. Tile work started in the kitchen of 5B and wood flooring was installed in the dining room. Crews worked on the millwork in both houses with caulk and wood putty to get it ready for painting.
Next week we will continue with tile, wood flooring, mill work and interior paint prep. Hopefully we can also complete the siding over the main roof and start some of our retaining walls on the exterior.
The Washington Conservation Corps AmeriCorps team
 joined us to do some finish work in Issaquah

Patterson Park Unit D-3 Buyback: 
 March 31st
Cleaning and masking has started inside the unit. Over the next couple of weeks, both sites will look for ways to provide additional help for this project.

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