Monday, April 11, 2011

Construction Update April 11, 2011

Magnolia Village, Issaquah Highlands
Building 3:
Electrical rough-in is complete except for some breakers.
Worked on pick up framing to prepare for inspections
Continued siding on the front gable- 90% complete
2 days of sunny weather allowed for exterior painting.
Gable ends mostly complete, some work done on the back

Building 4:
Sheet rock was installed. Taping begins on Monday.
Siding is mostly installed over the porch roofs
Building 5:
Installed OSB sheathing on exterior garage walls and party wall
Installed 5 of 6 garage beams. 

Work this week:
Siding, paint prep and scaffold removal on buildings 3 & 4.
Some inspections on building 3.
Begin insulating Building 3.
On building 5 we will begin setting floor joists, working and working landings.

La Fortuna, Renton
What a difference a sunny day can make. We sheeted 2 units sub- floor on Friday and everyone had a bounce in their step. Here's hoping for more sun.

Unit #1: 56' of exterior wall is framed, sheeted and stood.

Unit #2: All exterior and party walls framed, sheeted, inspected, and fire rocked with 77' stood and braced.

Unit #3: 12' of exterior wall framed, sheeted, and 21' of partywall framed and sheeted.

Unit #4:  Sub- floor sheeted and guardrails up. Stairs are cut and ready to install.

Unit #5:  Completed joists, blocking, sub- floor, guardrails, and stairs.

Unit #6:  42' of exterior walls framed, sheeted and stood with 42' of exterior walls framed and ready for sheeting.

Three days of mulching in the wetlands.

Work this week:
Exterior, interior, and partywall framing.
Fire rocking.
More wetlands mitigation.

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