Monday, February 7, 2011

Construction Update February 7, 2011

La Fortuna, Renton
Framing began the weekof January 31-February 4. We are currently installing mud sills and the beams at the garage doors. The garage door walls are purchased from Simpson Strong-Walls and come pre-assembled.
There are 4 garage slabs poured and the other two units are 95% ready to pour.

Work this week:
framing tasks
pony walls
stick framed garage/party walls
stage framed garage/party walls, beams, mud sills, and wall sheeting.

Magnolia Village, Issaquah
Building 3:
Continued work on white wood, window trim, and 2x2 corners.  Hardie plank siding started. Most of the garage level is complete in the back and up the gable sides. Plank was also started in the front.  Window installation continued to progress. ONLY 4 LEFT!  Pre-painting continued for building 3. About 90% complete. Scaffolding was built on half of the back of the building.  Front doors were installed and lock sets on both buildings.

Building 4:
Siding for the building is now about 80% complete. Both gable ends are complete to the roof. The porch and bump out areas in the front are started.  Corners for the front bump outs were started. Painting is 90% complete on the back of the building. Touch ups and painting on the roof remains.
Work this week:
Siding will continue on both buildings.
Painting on the back of 4 will be completed if the weather permits. Insulation and sheet rock will be installed in select areas to allow for the HVAC installation to be scheduled for a start date.
Scaffolding will also be shifted from building 3 to building 4.
Paint prep on the exterior of building 4 will also continue.

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